Social Networks

Welcome to my blog for Enterprise 2.0 (INB 346). First of all I would like to thank everyone for reading and commenting on my blog, I’ve been trying to find time to get around to everyone blogs, I have been able to get around to some. But I can say after this blog I will … Continue reading

Microblogging or Micro Blogs

Welcome to my next instalment of Enterprise 2.0 Blogs, Last week’s blog we were talking about Adoptions or Return of Investment, hopefully you are familiar reader of my blogs and I thank-you for your comments and advice. Anyway this week’s blog is in conjunction with Lecture 7 (6th of September 2012), the lecture was regarding … Continue reading

How to make the most of ROI

After earning a week’s work off with the blogs and taking a little detour off to New Zealand for a rugby game, I am happy to announce I have come back and ready to get cracking into these blogs. During the week off from our last blog we have discussed two subjects, ROI (Return on … Continue reading


What is a Wiki? After searing around, I found out that the first wiki website was launched on 25th March 1995 by Ward Cunningham*R1*  . His website was called WikiWikiWeb *R2* Mr Cunningham naming convention of his site actually came from a shuttle bus in Honolulu which is named Wiki Wiki Shuttle  . In Hawaiian … Continue reading